The 81st Separate Management Battalion was founded on November 7, 2022, as part of the structure of the 9th Army Corps with the aim of ensuring effective management and coordination of the corps units. The battalion's tasks include deploying and operating control points, providing communication and sustaining the life support of the management and the headquarters of the 9th Army Corps.

The main tasks and functions of the battalion include:

Leadership and maintenance of combat readiness:

  • Organization and leadership of subordinate units.


    Ensuring constant combat readiness.

Ensuring material and technical condition:

  • Placement and maintenance of material and technical resources and equipment.

  • Control over the operation, servicing, and restoration of equipment.

Planning and management of deployment:

  • Planning and directing the deployment of battalion units in combat and service tasks.

Organization of interaction and education:

  • Organization of interaction with local self-government bodies and authorities.
  • Military, legal, moral-ethical, and aesthetic education of personnel.

Compliance with legislative requirements and international law:

  • Ensuring compliance with current legislation and norms of international law in the prevention and counteraction of corruption.

Effective use of resources:

  • Utilization of enterprise capabilities for defense needs.
  • Implementation of financial control and resource management efficiency.

Other functions:

  • Control over the implementation of tasks defined by the State Program for the Development of the Armed Forces.
  • Preservation of information with restricted access and ensuring environmental safety on the territory of the unit.
The main task of the 81st Separate Management Battalion is the effective functioning and achievement of the strategic goals of the 9th Army Corps in the conditions of modern warfare.

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