81st Separate Management Battalion



The 81st Separate Management Battalion is a military unit established on November 7, 2022, subordinate to the 9th Army Corps. The battalion's tasks include organizing management, ensuring combat readiness, planning and directing the application of units, interacting with local authorities, complying with legislation, repairing equipment, and educating personnel. The battalion plays a key role in ensuring efficiency and coordination of military operations within the 9th Army Corps.

"Courage, Honor, Strength, and Valor" 


- It is these words that characterize every warrior of the 81st Separate Management Battalion today


We demonstrate a high level of management organization, effectively deploy and maintain command post elements, and ensure the proper combat readiness of units. Organization is our key factor for the successful execution of tasks.

Strategic Planning:

We possess a high level of competence in strategic planning and leadership in the utilization of units. Effective planning and coordination allow us to achieve strategic goals and successfully accomplish tasks in various conditions.

Military Discipline:

We place significant emphasis on military discipline and the morale of personnel. High discipline helps us maintain internal order, while morale plays a crucial role in sustaining combat spirit and effectiveness in battle conditions.

Military Personnel Training

The high professionalism and precision in performing combat tasks are impressive. Battalion personnel demonstrated a high level of shooting skills with various types of weapons, including rifles, and other armaments.

The video showcases their ability to effectively cooperate and coordinate actions during shooting exercises and skill development. Firearm drills are conducted in different conditions and scenarios, highlighting the battalion's readiness for various combat situations. Clear communication, synchronization, and high shooting accuracy testify to the high professionalism and military discipline of the personnel of the 81st Separate Management Battalion during training.